It’s easier than ever to raise money from friends, family and the world. we have improved the crowdfunding experience by privatizing requests via contacts lists as well as giving you the option to go publicly global to find a helping hand.


We help you get funding quickly and efficiently.
U-help, I-help. A better way of earning!
Flexible Interface - Create private and public requests for a set amount per person or a total budget.

Group Requests

Create groups of contacts to share and save.


Share Options

Choose how you want your requests to be received.


Global Community

View and participate in money requests all across the world.

About Us

We all have friends and family and our mission is to have a positive impact in people around the world by giving you a platform where we can all rely and support each other

Built out of necessity:

The idea came from Vladimir Rozan, a civil engineer in New York, who was slowly saving for a budget to create the app . But after the recent and tragic death of his mother and the impact of the corona pandemic around the world , Rozan realized nothing is promised in life and decided that the time for action is now . So he sought out consulting from Jay Huffman , Founder and CEO of Integral app studio , who specializes in creative app development. With Huffman’s expertise and experience in the app business a strategic plan was set in motion to make Rozan’s idea and vision come to life .


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